About Japanese tea and teacups history

Many tea lovers consider drinking tea to be an art. Traditional methods include using special teacups and teapots to brew loose leaf tea. The aim is to get the most flavor and aroma out of it, people feel relaxed and calm when they're drinking tea. In the early days, a Japanese monk brought tea back to Japan from China. One day, a monk learned about Zen and created a simple tea room to create a calm atmosphere. The modern Japanese tea ceremony was improved by Sen No Riky, a master of tea ceremonies.


Today, tea drinking has become a tradition in Japan and its culture is well-known worldwide, including Chawan, Matchawan, and Yunomi (Japanese tea cups without handles). From simple clay to delicate ceramic cups with hand-drawn designs, falling in love with them is really easy.

The Feature of Japanese Tea Cups

1. Get rid of anxiety. One of the things Japanese tea ceremonies emphasize is calmness. In addition to the aroma and taste of tea, you also get to enjoy the beauty of the teacup. Pottery is made with coarse clay, seeking a natural state, and getting rid of mental anxiety.

2. Be attentive to each other. It's a tea ceremony tradition to thank each other for meeting and spending time together through the opportunity to drink tea and remember that encounter forever. Japanese teacups gradually exuded heat from the tea, warming each other's hearts.

3. Be vibrant. Whenever people use the Japanese cup, they marvel at both its ancient style continuation and its contemporary style innovation. It will remind people that each cup created by Japanese craftsmen is unique. Although the teacups look different, people can still feel the aroma of each cup of tea through them.

The japanese tea cups, also call Yunomi

Why are Japanese tea cups so small

Typically, you see small Japanese cups because of the Kung Fu tea influence. The advantage is that it keeps tea warm for a long time and gathers aromas, and nobody wants their tea cold. On the other hand, a small cup means you'll drink soon, and refill it again so you can interact with the owner multiple times. This will strengthen each other's relationships, which will be a comfortable socializing way.

japanese tea party