There are numerous cups made of glass, stainless steel, plastic, and other materials available on the market. However, they do not keep the aroma of the tea for a long time and cannot make an ideal cup of hot or cold tea. You should keep in mind four things when choosing the best container.

tall ceramic mug with lid infuser tea sets

  • It should not alter the taste of tea
  • It should not have any toxic chemicals in it
  • It has a durable insulator that keeps the tea hot for as long as possible
  • It is practical

It appears that there is one material that meets the above criteria, and that is "ceramics"

Keep the taste of tea for as long as possible

Ceramic mugs preserve the taste of tea as long as possible

If there are too many pores inside the mug, the taste of each tea will slowly penetrate the material, therefore, the taste of the tea will change. Ideally, the mug's inner surfaces should be smooth as possible. Non-perforated materials are usually used to eliminate pores in order to retain the aroma. As a result, you can smell the fresh scent of tea coming from the top, the best materials for not perforating are glass and ceramics. With the above characteristics, FIFIJOY recommends pretty Japanese ceramic mug.

Non-toxic ceramic mug

tall tea mug

Information from UNESCO, to drink tea, the Chinese started using ceramics thousands of years ago, around that time, tons of ceramic tea sets were traded as luxury goods along the Silk Road. Due to the continued development of modern craftsmanship, ceramic mugs fired at high temperatures, more than 1000°C, do not contain harmful substances like lead or heavy metals because those substances will volatilize at high temperatures.

Drinks can be kept hot or cold in the ceramic mug

drinks can be kept hot or cold in the ceramic mug

Everyone does not want to run back to the kitchen repeatedly to reheat their drink again and again. Compared to other materials, ceramic has a slow heat conduction rate, which makes them the most insulating natural material. This means your beverage will stay hotter or colder for longer. FIFIJOY also offers a ceramic mugs with a lid, so that the drink temperature can be maintained for a long time. It allows you to concentrate better on your work.

Mug with practicality

a ceramic mug and wooden handle

To use on a daily basis, you need a product that is convenient, durable, and easy to clean. With a ceramic mug and wooden handle, you can avoid burns on your fingers. With a soft sponge and hot, soapy water, you can easily clean the mug,dry it completely before storing it in the cabinet. This is extremely simple.


It is true that people are very particular when choosing a mug that suits them, and many factors will be considered before making a final decision. Ceramic mugs are the best choice if you are looking for a durable, healthy, attractive, and high-quality mug. You should keep a ceramic mug that never goes out of style on your wish list. It can last a long time, even be passed down from generation to generation.